Managing Project Risks

A key part of successful project delivery is identifying and managing the risks to the project. Every project presents a different set of risks and it is the duty of the project team collectively to consider and eliminate or mitigate the impact of risks to the project. This is an area that RJHA brings special attention to when working on projects. Risks can be perceived or real, physical or financial or political or reputational and either singly or combined can scuttle the successful delivery of a project. Assessing risks and developing strategies to cope with risks is a core business activity of RJHA.

An example of a complex project with a high risk profile is the Newtown Park Flats (right photo). Here the project team wrestled with a set of buildings, all different, requiring seismic upgrade, reconfiguration and the repositioning of a social housing complex in the eyes of the surrounding neighbourhood. Every aspect of the design and delivery unravelled the sins of our fathers with unexpected hidden challenges and no leeway to extend the construction time. RJHA worked closely with the design team, contractors and the client in our role as ‘Engineer to the Contract’ and as senior project advisor assisted in the resolution of these challenges.