A Strategy for Success


The Westpac Stadium in Wellington was a project delivered early, despite the tight timeframe and right on budget. Its success is attributed to a one-team approach that merged the high energy of the client and the contractor at the earliest possible stage.

As project director on this landmark project, Bob Hall led a team that invested wisely in pre-construction planning a common theme on all successful projects. Heroic on-site construction timeframes are generated from meticulous pre-construction planning.

The planning aspect relates to all aspects of project delivery and starts with defining the need for the project (the project brief), working to develop and work through the stages of design using the discipline of the design programme and constructing the works following an in-depth consideration of options, methodology, management of human and material resources to meet a schedule of dates (better known as a construction programme).

The close-out of a project needs special attention and should be planned well in advance of the project completion. Planning requires a logical and methodological approach and the application of a wide range of inputs. Collectively the team that has planned well will deliver a successful project.