Our strength is our experience in construction and we understand the structure of the industry and the players intimately. Our experience spans across the practitioner and client representation divide.
We advise both the poacher and the gamekeeper and use our skills to bring parties together in a dynamic project team environment.
We like to have fun. We reject and deflect adversarial behaviours. We believe in fair contracts and one project team. We scoff at the different tents that you find in one camp or the other and bring everyone under one marquee!
We don’t always have everyone marching to beat of the same drum because life is not like that. We look however to get the non-believers marching in the same direction.
All projects should be a good experience and provide profitable outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Range of Services in Construction, Property Related Industries:

Range of Services

Recent Clients:

  • Wellington City Council
  • Department of Corrections
  • AMP Capital Property Portfolio
  • Coastlands Shopping Town
  • Tinline Properties
  • Argosy Properties